MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY– The maximum number of guests ten (10).  This is regulated by city ordinance and your contract.  You could be asked to leave the premises if more guests than agreed to on your contract are found to be at the house, with no refund.

PARKING –  The maximum number of cars is four (4).   This is regulated by city ordinance and your contract. Vehicles must be parked in driveway only.  No overnight parking is permitted on the street.

CANCELLATIONS – A 30 day notice is required for most cancellations.  A 60 day notice is required for peak holiday cancellations.  Cancellations that are made more than 30/60 days prior to the arrival date are subject to a $100 cancellation fee.  Cancellations or changes that result in a shortened stay, or that are made less than 30/60 days of the arrival date, forfeit the full payment.  We recommend that you purchase travel insurance separately through your insurance company.

CLEANING FEE – There is an additional non-refundable cleaning fee of $125 applied to the cost of each reservation.

DAMAGE DEPOSIT–  You agree to maintain the property in the same condition in which it was found.   You agree to replace or pay for any losses, breakage or damage should such occur.

  • Please be advised:
    As per instructions, the heater is to be turned down to 55 degrees upon departure.  If the heater is turned completely off, pipes could freeze and break as a result.  If this occurs, all repair costs will be charged to your credit card.  If heater is not turned down, additional heating charges may also apply.
  • Our cabin is a non-smoking home. If you smoke inside the cabin, you could be charged for cleaning the carpets, furniture and drapes.

By making this reservation, you agree that we can charge your credit card for any missing items, damage to the cabin or its contents.

You agree that landlord/property owner or property manager shall not be responsible for damage, theft or loss of guests’ personal property while on the premises.  You also agree that the landlord/property owner is not responsible and agree not to hold landlord/property owner or property manager liable for any personal injury or accident to guest(s) while on the premises.

STORM POLICY/ROAD CONDITIONS –  There is no refund due to storm or weather conditions, closed or impassable roads, or difficulty accessing the cabin.  Although we provide snowplow services for snow fall of greater than 4”, there is no way of knowing when the snowplow service will arrive to plow our driveway.  There may be times when you will have to shovel some snow on your own for your safety, exit, or access to the cabin.  Snow shovel and snow-melt are provided for use and can be found in the maintenance closet on the first floor.  Guests understand and agree that the snowplow company and landlord/property owner/property manager are not responsible for damage to hidden objects, such as vehicles.  Big Bear sometimes experiences huge storms – during these storms, the deck and BBQ may become unusable.

EARLY CHECK-IN/LATE CHECK-OUT – If you would like to request an early check-in or late check-out, please contact us.  If your request can be accommodated, an additional $30 fee will be applied. This amount will be added to your total.  Check-in and check-out times will be adjusted to a mutually agreed upon time.   If you have not requested early check in or late check out, you may access the premises only according to the dates and times on your contract.

When we have back-to-back rentals, due to circumstances beyond our control, it may take longer than 3 p.m. to get the cabin cleaned and ready for you.  It is our goal to provide you with a clean, comfortable, and properly prepared cabin.  If you arrive and the cleaning crew is still working, please be patient and they will finish up as quickly as possible.  You may enter the cabin at the discretion and only with the permission of the cleaning crew on the premises.

REFUND POLICY: Dates of rental are confirmed once payment has been received with the following exceptions: Act of God, e.g. include, but are not limited to mandatory evacuation due to fire, earthquake, flood, severe weather conditions, power outages, etc. In the event appliances are found to be non-working, including heater, water heater, refrigerator, TVs, cable, Internet, or other appliances, etc., repairs will be made as soon as possible and reasonable. No refunds are given due to appliance failure.  Damages or problems due to an act of God or weather conditions also not subject to refund.   No refund will be made for sighting of insects or other animals.  Spider webs, dust and cobwebs occur in every environment and often show up more quickly in the mountains – even when we have cleaned the house the day before.  No refunds for these occurrences.

If the cabin becomes unavailable due to booking conflicts, repairs, or for reasons other than stated above, your reservation will be refunded in full.   We reserve the right to cancel any reservation.

City Ordinance requires quiet between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.  Please be respectful of the full-time residents who live in the area and enjoy the serenity of the neighborhood.  If we are notified of a noise complaint, you may be evicted without refund.

CHECK OUT:  You agree to vacate the premises no later than the hour and date stated in your reservation and return the keys to the lockbox.  You understand that if the key is not returned to lockbox, you could be charged for replacement. Before vacating, you agree to do the following:

  • Wash and put away all dishes and kitchen items utilized during the stay.
  • Remove all trash and take to Big Bear Lake dumpster site located on Garstin and Big Bear Blvd. It is a city code violation to leave trash on the premises.
  • If the fireplace is used, place all ashes and hot coals in the ash cans provided on the deck.  Add water to ensure all coals are completely extinguished.
  • You agree that if any of these things are not done, an additional $50.00 fee may be charged to your credit card.

ADDITIONAL TERMS: The person agreeing to this contract must be at least 21 years old and is the sole responsible person regarding the behavior of his/her guests in this home.